The Founder of Drinkable Air®, Inc, Al Szur, first learned about Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) technology in 2007. He was immediately sold on the benefits of producing water from the humidity in the air.

So, he purchased demo units from several companies and quickly witnessed firsthand, the inferiority of these products as they experienced a thirty percent return rate from their potential customers who were trying out the machines before placing an order to buy. It was at this point the founder decided he had to either make a better machine or get out of the business. Getting out of the business wasn’t an option for him because he was such a strong believer in the technologies premise and so, Drinkable Air® was born.

The first three years included researching a product he felt would fit into their business plan. Drinkable Air learned about this patented ozone purification process and the 12 year R & D that went into it, so they collaborated in development for a few years and in 2010 started producing new Drinkable Air® demo units with the patented Ozone purification system. At the same time, Drinkable Air® began signing distribution agreements. Today, we have over 55 US distributors and two in the Pacific Rim.

Drinkable Air® AWGs produce great tasting, pure drinking water and can be powered with electricity, generators or renewable energy in any location, from your own home to a remote village in Africa which is why they are a perfect solution in times of disaster relief and for our military. “Our AWG’s are a plentiful source of pure cool (42-48 degrees) fresh drinking water without the logistics and expense of transporting bottled water over hundreds of miles”, says Al Szur, founder and CFO of Drinkable Air®.

“Our proprietary “EnviroGuard” system eliminates all bacteria with the use of a patented Ozone process thereby producing 99.99% pure water from the humidity in the air, says Jeffrey Szur, Project Manager of Drinkable Air®. They produce 75% more water than earlier models, have 50% fewer parts and are inexpensive and simple to maintain. They will be a perfect fit for anyone anywhere who needs fresh drinking water.”